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A couple people have requested some help with font choosing for gifs. I decided to create this guide to hopefully help these people, and anyone else, out.
I know that there are several gif making tutorials here on Tumblr that may be better than anything I could write but I’m willing to give it a go anyhow. I have, on several occasions, been asked if I would write a tutorial on gifs and I have decided to finally do it.
If you have made gifs before, then it’s likely that you have found out how tiring it is to sharpen them. You basically have to go through each frame/layer and sharpen all separately. Since I got tired of doing that too, I decided to try finding a solution.
This is a tutorial on the use and adjustment of PSDs. With these little tips, you'll hopefully more easily be able to adjust the PSDs you download either from me or from others to best suit your work.
Making circular gifs is pretty similar to making normal gifs. The way I did it may not be the easiest or only way out there of course but this tutorial explains the processes my way.
There are many different ways to do very similar things in Photoshop, some more simple and others more difficult. In this tutorial, you'll learn to color the way I usually do.
In this tutorial, I will give you some tips on how to make icons by showing you what I did to get the three icons in the image above.
An assorted collection of fonts for you to check out, download and enjoy. They can be used non-commercially in all kinds of artwork.
30+ fonts for you to check out, download and enjoy. None of these belong to me but are fonts that I thought were quite great and worth sharing with all those interested.