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Been thinking a lot about how crappy I’ve been at posting my own stuff. I want to fix that. I want to do something about it but it just feels like there’s never enough time. Or drive. Or motivation. Or inspiration. Or anything.

And just… ugh.

Firstly, it’s perfectly fine with me that you reblogged this and that you relate to it. It definitely is frustrating going through this and even more so when you feel like what you actually end up making isn’t good enough. I think the best either of us can do is just keep trying either way. Maybe committing to a meme or something would help? I don’t know but I’m considering trying that in hopes that I’ll at least get some stuff out there (even if I never actually complete the meme haha). Just… don’t beat yourself up :)

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A long time ago.

I just watched season 1 episode 15 of the TV show Popular and it was about sexual harassment and stuff and the kids had to go through a sexual harassment boot camp and it was quite the interesting episode and seems really relevant basically every school should make every student watch this episode at least once.

30 Oct 2013 2 notes+reblog

Just had the sex talk with my cats.

Now they’re fucking like animals.

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shhh I’m listening to my own mix shhhhh

5 Oct 2013+reblog

So if I’m really going to actually submit something to the only book publishing company that seems to exist here, I have to write a like 500 word synopsis.

How do you synopsis?

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why the fuck isn’t tumblr going batshit crazy about what’s happening in syria

approx. 640 people have died, mostly children, in a nerve gas attack and i don’t see shit about it

article, because people need to know about this, it’s horrible