I was wondering if there was an action for a layer renamer? Im using your sharpening gifs action but the gif im making has around 50-60 layers and its a bit tedious trying to rename all of it manually

I’m not sure if there is such an action honestly. There are ways to do it easily though by either downloading a file renamer program or if you have a Mac, you can use the built in Automater. Either way, that should rename your files in seconds and then when you load them into Photoshop, they should work with the action.

Let me know if you need any explanations :)

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Hi Amal, Sorry for being late! Regarding the post /75781311815, Wow. I didnt expect to change the file names of the pictures! Yes i have file renamer! I had some videos which are in mkv format so inside of converting them and making the quality lower, thats why i tried to caps using potplayer. Now i can just rename the pictures file and import it Ha! Thank you so much cause i didnt think of this way! :D

Hey anon! It’s okay, just glad you got back to me or else I may have never known what happened. Ah yes, MKV format can be a pain to deal with so I get it. And yup, renaming them works because when you load them into Photoshop as a stack, the layers are named after the file names. :)

I’m so glad I was able to help out and that you already have file renamer (that probably made the whole process easier on you). You’re so so very welcome! Happy giffing! :D

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Hi Amal, thank you for your reply! Regarding this post /75680601037, It works by renaming those layer 1,2,3! However, if i were to encountered many layers. How do i rename it easier (e.g 100layers)?

Hey, glad you got back to me. How do you make the caps? Do you use KMplayer or something like that? Isn’t there an option where you can choose what the screencaps will be named? If so, maybe you can try it that way. Then it will just do all the naming for you. 

If that doesn’t work, I would suggest trying to gif using the import video frames into layers way. I know that is asking a lot since you’re probably used to your way of giffing and don’t want to change it. Just thought I’d propose that before the next option.

There are file renaming programs that I think should work well for this. You can search for some on Google. Do you have a Mac? If so, you should be able to actually do that without any extra programs. You should have Automator installed and with it, you can create a script that quickly renames the files you want it to in seconds. I can provide more help with that if you’d like :)

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Hi Amal, thank you so much for your gif tutorial and actions! It save a lot of problem for me! I wonder if i were to make gif using scripts->load files into stack, how do i sharpen all the images as i never use imported video frames to layers.

Hey! Aw you’re very welcome! Glad it was able to help you. I’m not sure if it will work using the load files into stack way. Can you name the files ‘Layer 1, Layer 2’ and so on? If you can and that’s how they are labelled in Photoshop, it should work :)

Let me know what happens.

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this helped me a lot but how do you download your videos that you later upload onto photoshop?

How? Or from where?

Basically you can download anything by searching for it on the Internet and finding a download link. I can give you more specific places if that’s what you want. For older stuff, I usually just get torrents and with a torrent program like utorrent or bittorrent, I download the episodes.

Is that what you meant? :)

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i try to use your sharpening action but when i hover the "play" button i get the "doesn't work" sign or whatever you know the circle with the line in it yeah. i can't play actions?? did i do something wrong

Hm that’s strange. I’ve never faced that issue. Are you sure you’re choosing the action within the folder? If you have the folder alone selected, I don’t think you can play it like that. You have to actually click on the action that shows up when you press the arrow on the left of the folder’s name.

If that’s not the issue, you could try making it work by first pressing “Create a new action”. After that, you should hopefully be able to press the play button on my sharpening action. Let me know what happens :)

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how to add sharpening tool to ps6?

I’m pretty sure you can add the action in the same way you would any other version of Photoshop. You go to the actions window and load the small atn file from wherever you saved it on your computer. It should then show up in your list of actions ^_^

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Hi, I love your PSDs. If I want to use one, how can I credit you? Do I need to write something in the gifset with the text/lyrics I want to add or should I mention you in the tags? I'm sorry but I'm new in making gifs and I have no idea what's the right thing to do when I use someone's psd/action.

Hey! Wow I’m surprised people still even use my PSDs (many of them are not great hahaaa). I don’t know how other people provide credit but I have done so by creating a new page and naming it ‘Credits’. There, I just put a list of the resources I’ve used and I link to most of them (things such as screencaps and textures).

That might be easier for you to do than to add credit in the tags of every post you use the PSD in. You can just keep updating your credits page whenever you come across other resources.

Btw, I’d just like to take a moment to genuinely thank you for asking about this. :)

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Hey! I was going through your tutorials (esp the colouring one) and I was wondering how you do the multiple colourings in some of your graphics? (as in the gradients for example many of the images in this /post/47034666319 post you made. Thankyou!

Hey! :D

Well, I first deal with each picture separately. Depending on the colors in the picture, I choose a color that looks good and fits the cap nicely. Sometimes I just use a solid color fill layer and take a big sized soft eraser brush and just press it around the subject in the cap a couple of times. This can lead to that sort of shade of lighter to darker around the person (or to either side of them depending on their position in the cap).

Of course you could also use gradients. I usually use the one where it goes from one color to transparent. I change the color to the one I want (and also choose a lighter version for the middle point). Using the layer mask again, I will erase the parts covering the subject of the cap. Sometimes I’ll change the layer mode and see what looks best. It’s best to put all these types of layers  the PSD you’ve applied so that they get affected by it too.

Once I’ve edited each cap separately, I paste them in a new file. For a graphic like the one you linked to, I’d paste each cap into a file that’s like 250x200 or something. I’d position it in some way, sharpen and then copy it into the full canvas.

Either way, I’d suggest you just experiment with gradients, layer modes, and so on :)

I hope this was helpful ^_^

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YES! You're a life saver! Now how does one download this hmmm

It was no problem. I’ll even do you one better. Here’s a download link to the pack. I just found it and downloaded it myself to see if it was the right thing and if it was working. Everything seems to be working fine :D

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